KDE ISO Image Writer – Windows Build

One of the main goals of this GSoC project is to have a fully working build of KDE ISO Image Writer on Windows to allow people that want to install KDE Neon to easily write the ISO image onto a USB flash drive.

In order to compile the code on Windows, I used Craft which is a cross-platform build system and package manager. With Craft, I could easily get the dependencies of KDE ISO Image Writer.

I started by writing a Craft blueprint which is a Python file that describes an application (or library) and list its dependencies which allows Craft to fetch the necessary packages before compiling the application.

My journey to get KDE ISO Image Writer running on Windows was not without its hurdles. I first had to figure out how to use Craft to compile an application from a Git repository but that was quickly solved after using Craft’s --help command. Then, I run into an issue with Qgpgme, which is used by KDE ISO Image Writer to verify the digital signature of an ISO image. I tried to compile using MSVC which failed systematically because of CMake complaining about not being able to finding Qgpgme. I learned from the KDE Windows team that Qgpgme can, at the moment, only be compiled using MinGW. I was finally able to compile KDE ISO Image Writer on Windows using Craft and MinGW.

In parallel to working on a Windows build of KDE ISO Image Writer, I continued my work on the user interface by implementing the designs made by the KDE Community. You can see in the following screenshots the new user interface running on Windows:

Writing an ISO image to a USB flash drive

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